The Professors were formed in 1978 and were part of a booming inner city scene that developed in Sydney following the departure of The Saints and Radio Birdman.


They took their name from singer, Stephen Vineburg’s friendship with Chris Bailey of The Saints.


The Professors were a prime example of the DIY ethos. They were largely self taught and established a successful music venue at the corner pub: The Royal Oak Hotel in Chippendale.


They also played at most of the popular venues in Sydney including The Civic Hotel, the Rex Hotel, Paddington Town Hall and Henderson Rd .


TheProfessors feature in Clinton Walker’s compendium of Australian Punk and New Wave music ‘Inner City Sound’.


In 1978 the band recorded some demo tapes in a terrace house in Darlinghurst with a view to releasing a recording. Shortly afterwards Vineburg left the group and these recordings were never released.


The original tapes were lost and all that remained was a cassette copy made at the same time. The tape was subsequently digitally converted by Bruce Callaway.


In 2018 Vineburg took the 40 year cassette recording, and with the assistance of sound engineer and musician, Barry McGurk, digitally enhanced the tape into the recording on this record.


The recording is an authentic snapshot of the band captured on the equipment available at the time.